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There's no extraordinary story behind Yes We Do,
unless one's life - in this case mine - is extraordinary.

There's a need for telling a story. A true one.
This need is rooted beyond will and it would be hard to tell where it comes from and where it leads.
It seems that there's no argument for safety strong enough to suppress its voice...

'The Missed Sanctification' is autobiographical. It wasn't meant to be this way or in any other way.
It is what it became as the lyrics took shape. I didn't ask for certain lines - they simply came as reflections.

These songs are the sum of beautiful and traumatic moments. None of those moments has higher value
than anyone else’s similar experiences. Their only quality is that they're mine and I’m the one who can talk about them.

Any form of suffering, whether subtle or evident, leads to a different form of understanding.
Suffering is the most wicked teacher. Still, even if it's hard to admit, it leaves some benefits on the table.
'The Missed Sanctification' incorporates those benefits...

The demons. Those silent companions who want to make sure that their target
doesn't make it to the destination. They're part of this story, too. They had to be fought.

There's a price for anything and the price for telling the truth in these songs has been paid.



There are old men in the basement,
they curse what moves, apart from flesh.
By their souls they got abandoned;
the car they drive's about to crash...

Thank you for the hiding place,
for this forgotten corner!
Thank you for keeping me warm
when it's cold all over!

They could kill me more than one time,
if my soul would die by knife.
I can't share the same bed with them,
their delusion's not my wife...



No matter how far we have to go,
no matter if we fall to pieces...
Their time will come to an end,
in this land and in heavenly places...

No matter how many tears we shed,
no matter if we lose our senses...
Their house will burn to the ground,
dust to dust, ashes to ashes...

We will rise, we will rise!
We will rise up to the sky!

No matter how long we have to fight,
no matter if we go through ages...
Their crimes will not survive;
the blood of saints will fill the white pages...



We're partners in crime and strangers in love,
but, somehow, still one in all that we're not.
We're wasted by youth, by all that we've got.
What we were told is what we forgot.

In your eyes I see
all my agony...
The one that I became,
the one I used to be...

Our wicked nature's the finest of all,
the blood on our hands: our mighty pitfall...
We knew there's an end, we knew we would fall;
we shouldn't have answered that final call...

Those moments we will never recall!
Those moments we don't want back at all!



There is sadness I can't talk about,
as there's no one I would hurt.
My heart's out there where I'll vanish,
there's no shining in the dirt...

There are demons in my closet,
screaming that „Love does not sell!”.
There is nothing they could show me,
the road to Heaven goes through hell...

All deceivers, all hope dealers
wait for wonder at my door.
As they know me they are hoping
for a free room in my soul...



I am proud of being humble,
so I will be sanctified!
Like a mad dog on the catwalk,
I am all electrified.

I depend on independence,
I depend on no control!
I depend on contradictions,
I depend on rock 'n' roll!

Always walking on a thin line,
I know the taste of sin quite well;
There is nothing new about it:
it feels like Heaven – it burns like hell...



There were moments we don't want to remember,
there were moments of perfect grace...
There were days of cold December,
there were days of warm embrace...

Even so, we call Your name!
Even so, we feel the same!

Yes, we do,
we do believe in You,
for all You say is true!
Every word from You
is here, us to renew!

There were weeks that seemed had no reason,
there were weeks of joyful start...
There were years like a stillborn season,
there were years of peaceful heart...



If love is a field, we'll run through it!
If love is a bed, we'll sleep in it!
If love is water, we'll drink of it!
If love is bread, we'll eat of it!

If love is a star, we'll shine with it!
If love is a door, we'll walk through it!
If love is a flame, we'll burn with it!
If love is a house, we'll live in it!

We are the temple,
Love is our religion!
This is why we're here,
Love is the reason!

If love is a dream, we'll flow with it!
If love is a book, we'll read from it!
If love is a heart, we'll beat with it!
If love is a church, we'll pray in it!



Empty-hearted crowded places,
glassy eyes on plastic faces...

We are ready for the final strike!

PR-managed intuition,
ego-driven exhibition...

The bombs are ready for the final strike!

Love bomb,
let it explode!
Rushing people, no direction,
love of branded imperfection...

We are ready for the final strike!

Troubled sound of constant motion,
therapeutic mind pollution...

The bombs are ready for the final strike!



When did it all begin
and when will it all end?
When the silver rain will turn
each stone into sand?...

Do you know?
Do you understand?

Where are we right now
and where do we belong?
Where's that place we know to be
home for weak and strong?

Do you know?
Do you understand?

Do you understand?
Your life's not in your hands...
Do you understand?!...

How to deal with love
once that love is found?
How to live a life with loss,
with loss of greatest kind?



Out of the human is a constant away,
driven by beauty, by Dorian Gray...
Out of the human is bleeding pride,
where no one can unite, but anyone divide...

Christus vincit,
Christus regnat,
Christus imperat!

My soul's burned down, down to the bone,
it carries some weight, some kind of stone.
It got saved when I was away,
the Cosmic Jerusalem made me stay.

Out of the human is a stone-hearted place,
a cold fireball, outside of grace...
Out of the human's an expanding lie,
where no one can live and no one can die...